Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Have Moved!

Sorry Folks Fry Musings Has Moved!

Please Contact Me To Get Access To The New Site!!!!

(or just leave a comment with your contact info)


Lisa Marie Schwerdt said...

Hey Shannon, send me the new link! I don't want to miss all the good stuff.

~Stephanie~ said...

Hey Shannon - I would love to have the new link! - you can either post it on my blog in the comments or email me at

Can't wait to see how your little one is doing!

Neeley Family said...

Hey it's Amy. I don't want to miss all the great new pics of the baby girl! Our family blog is neeleyfamilyalbum@blogspot and my email is

Reno Family said...

Hi Shannon, My name is Saleana and I have been lurking on your family blog for a long time now since you were still pregnant with Lauren. I know you from and love reading about your family and the milestones you take. When you see someone is lurking from Hillsboro OR, well that's me. When I saw that you were moving your blog I thought oh no. I guess it's about time I interduce myself.
You can always look at my family at blog or you can email @ I would love to be able to still read your blog.

Michelle said...

Hey...i would love the link to your new blog...i always enjoy reading about your gorgeous family! :)